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Extreme sports in Plant City

There are many activities for those who are seeking more energetic pastimes in or around the Plant City area which include several companies offering the ultimate in extreme sports, sky diving. If you are a thrill seeker of this nature then Skydive Orlanpa who can be found in the heart of the city promise expert instructors and facilities in a safe and trustworthy environment. Perhaps you are thinking of taking a leap for the first time but are wary of jumping solo and if that’s the case then this organization could be perfect for you as they specialize in Tandem Skydives where you will be harnessed to an experienced instructor who will make the jump with you.

Skydive OrlanpaThis action activity has grown in popularity considerably in recent years and is performed as a recreational hobby as well as a competitive sport. Participants take to the air in a small plane with the aim of exiting the aircraft when it reaches a certain height – usually around 1,000 to 4,000 meters – with a parachute attached and returning to Earth with the aid of gravity. This is done by using the parachute to reduce speed as one comes down during the lethal part of the descent however in higher altitude jumps, skydivers may free-fall initially for a brief period of time – up to a minute generally – before pulling the cord to open the parachute which should be fully inflated within 800 meters. The direction and speed can also be controlled with toggles situated at the end of the steering lines along the edge of the parachute and this helps the skydiver to aim for a specific landing site. For beginners making a tandem jump then their instructor will be responsible for these and any emergency procedures although fortunately this is an unlikely event that is rarely necessary so that student are free to concentrate on learning the ropes.

Skydive CityMore experienced individuals may opt for a solo, low altitude dive and for this type of jump the parachute cord needs to be deployed immediately as the terminal descent period is much closer than it is at higher altitudes. Skydive City are another reputable company close to Plant City in nearby Zephyrhills for those who want to learn this extreme sport, offering first class instructors who are as friendly and enthusiastic as they are experienced in their chosen sport. Jump Florida Skydiving also have various locations throughout the state in this area and like most of the established companies providing this activity, participants are awarded a parachuting certificate at the end of their jump with some providing video and photographic coverage of your experience too. Whether you simply want to accomplish this as a one-off, once in a lifetime holiday experience or become a life-long adrenaline junkie, this is certainly a heart pounding experience that will blow your mind so why not be the envy of all your friends and take the plunge?

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