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Miller Electric CompanyCommitted to providing quality service to its customers since 1928, Miller Electric Company has a long history of providing the highest level of service with the most dedicated employees. From its home office in Jacksonville, FL and network of branch offices, Miller Electric Company is able to serve the needs of its customers throughout the country. Because of its commitment to quality and customer service, Miller Electric Company consistently ranks among the largest Electrical Contractors in the nation.

Since its inception in 1928 by Henry G. Miller, Miller Electric has grown from a small local electrical company into one of the largest electrical contractors in the nation.
Through the years, the company has worked hard to preserve it’s founder’s philosophies while expanding the company’s reach. Through their commitment, experience, training, relentless dedication, and of course, great teamwork, Miller Electric has been providing quality electrical service to its customers for over 80 years.
Miller Electric has expanded its capabilities over the years to serve a wide range of customers on a variety of projects, including Commercial Office Buildings, Industrial Plants, Data Centers, Universities, Hospitals, Military Bases, Entertainment Facilities, Roadways, and more. Miller Electric’s project managers remain on the cutting edge of the latest project management practices, such as Sustainability, LEED, Solar Energy, and Building Information Modeling (BIM).
Since the early 2000’s Miller Electric Company has organically developed branch offices, primarily in the Southeast, to better serve its customers. From the home office in Jacksonville, Florida, its network of branch offices, and its strong industry relationships, Miller Electric can serve the needs of its customers throughout the country. Miller Electric maintains a commitment to a healthy balance sheet, and maintains strong surety and banking relationships, allowing it to continue to internally finance its significant growth.
Now and in the future, Miller Electric will continue their time-honored tradition of quality work which has brought them so many loyal customers.

Chances are, if Henry Miller could see his company today, he’d be intrigued by the new business lines and wonder at the emerging developments in the industry. And it’s a safe bet that he’d appreciate his successors’ commitment to the customer and their employees. Some things never change.


  • Project Management
  • Facility Management
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Sustainability
  • Modular Data Centers

Project Management
Because of Miller Electric’s focus on quality and commitment to customer service, most of our projects are performed in collaboration with the owner and prime contractor. Regardless of the contracting method, Miller Electric brings the same partnering concept to the project team and continuously looks to add value to the project. We have found that strong trusting relationships and close partnerships with prime contractors, design/development teams, and owners early in a project create a team that makes the entire project successful. Our approach relies upon our project management team to define and prioritize our customer’s needs and to translate those needs into the products, services and processes that provide customer’s value.

Miller Electric Project Managers are a single point of contact for our customers and are responsible for sales, estimating, material procurement and management, labor and supervisory management, safety, BIM, scheduling, financial and more. Our Project Managers are involved from project conception to project close out. This philosophy allows our Project Managers to build a partnership with the customer and will ensure communication and project support throughout the life of the project. This allows our staff to understand our customers, their facilities and needs in more depth than most of our competitors, and ultimately build lasting relationships.

Our project managers have a wide variety of backgrounds, and their development is tailored individually to leverage their strengths and eliminate any weaknesses. Through internal training and external resources, Miller Electric’s project managers remain on the cutting edge of the latest project management practices such LEED, and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Most importantly, all Miller Electric project managers have a commitment to safety, and all are required to complete OSHA 30 Hour training.

Facility Management:
In addition to new construction projects, Miller Electric Company provides facility maintenance services in existing buildings for a wide variety of customers, including large corporate environments, data center, hospitals, and industrial facilities. Our success is directly related to exposure to so many different customers, their environments and their cultures. This knowledge and experience gives all of our customers an advantage partnering with Miller Electric Company. Our team has full understanding of today’s electrical and integrated systems including critical power requirements and the significance of 100% uptime.

For our customers that have partnered with us for Facility Management, we can provide the following services over a wide range of electrical and other specialty systems.

-Facility Planning
We can assist in long-term scheduling and evaluation for equipment replacement, technology upgrades, campus building programs and infrastructure improvements.

-Contingency Planning
One of our services is to provide solutions to prevent equipment downtime, or other facility interruptions.

We can assist you to determine cost-effective planning scenarios to allow you to implement your projects for the lowest costs.

-Commissioning Assistance
We can schedule and coordinate equipment and system start-up to ensure proper operation.

Part of our support is to set up system training to enable the owner’s facility management team to understand and operate the facility properly.

-Design Assistance
Our team can help you identify design requirements to help determine system design parameters for your facility.

-Value Engineering
Our Project Managers can rely on a host of vendor partners to offer substitutes in order to realize cost savings.

-Repair & Maintenance
Our personnel can respond 24/7 to your facility to make immediate system repairs and minimize operational downtime.

-Preventative Maintenance
The Miller Team can organize a methodical maintenance schedule for your systems that allows us to prevent outages and downtime through periodic cleaning, adjusting, testing and lifespan replacement programs.

-Moves, Adds, & Changes
We have a professional staff of electricians and technicians who can modify the systems at your facility when you remodel, expand, relocate or add new equipment.

-Energy Auditing
Let our team review and evaluate your facility to ensure you are cutting costs by using energy-efficient pumps, motors, light fixtures and building control systems.

-Disaster Recovery
We can provide immediate response after a catastrophic event such as a hurricane, flood, tornado, fire, and such by supplying generators, fuel, equipment and 24/7 manpower support.

BIM (Building Information Modeling):
Miller Electric Company is a leader in the electrical contracting industry in the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for project planning, design, and coordination. We have a dedicated, experienced team specialized in BIM, as well as project managers trained to understand BIM’s capabilities for adding value to a project.

Using BIM, Miller Electric Company can create a 3D object model of our electrical scope of work. We can provide this 3D model using either Autocad MEP or Revit software. These models can then be integrated into a 3D software application such as Navisworks where they can be viewed and analyzed. By using BIM, Miller Electric Company can be prepared to resolve modeling conflicts with all trade partners during the design coordination process. To complete the 4D process, Miller Electric Company can provide our 3D object model to be linked into Navisworks to schedule activities for sequencing so as to create the best possible installation schedule.

As a partner with our customers and good corporate citizens, we understand the importance of sustainable construction. Miller Electric is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, and we encourage all of our project managers to pursue LEED accreditation.

Additionally, we are committed to working with our customers in implementing ideas for sustainability in their existing facilities, such as reduced power consumption through use of integrated building systems, or new lighting technology. We have several project managers and technicians trained in energy auditing to help our customers reduce their power consumption.

Miller Electric is also proud to be a leader in the construction of utility scale renewable energy plants, such as the new 100 acre solar farm for PSEG in Jacksonville, FL. Miller Electric was the prime contractor on this 12.6 Mega-Watt project, installing over 200,000 glass solar panels.

Sample LEED Projects:

-UF Nanoscale Research Center
This state-of-the-art green facility is located at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, and is used to research molecules, atoms and cells to be used in biotechnology, medicines, quantum computing and micro-electromechanical system research.
-PHH Mortgage Office Building
This huge LEED facility in Jacksonville, Florida is used by PHH to administer their national mortgage and fleet management services.
-UF School of Building Construction
This LEED building is home to the University of Florida’s collegiate Architecture, Building, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Urban & Regional Planning educational programs.
-Modular Data Centers
Data Centers are measured by different companies in different ways. Our goal is to offer alternative solutions of data centers which address flexibility, entry costs and speed to market. The most important lesson from the Data Center Industry is meeting the needs of the customer which in turn is the key to our continuing success. Global Modular Systems (GMS) will bring cutting edge designs to bring your Data Center to life.

Meet Miller Electric’s Executive Team:
Henry Brown – CEO
Susan Walden – CFO
David Long – President
Daniel Brown – Corporate Vice President
Ed Witt, Jr. – Sr. Vice President
Mariellie Rodriguez – Assistant Secretary – Treasurer
Bill Foley, Jr – VP Industrial
Tom Lesso – VP Intelligent Transportation
Kevin Hebert – VP Atlantic Coast Region
James MacDonald – VP Corporate Services
Eddie O’Halloran – VP Project Executive
Donnie Smith – VP Corporate Services
David Stallings – VP Integrated Systems
Robert Tesney – VP Project Executive

Main Office: Jacksonville, FL
(904) 388-8000 phone
(800) 554-4761 toll-free



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