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James H Buzbee PA

James H Buzbee PA

When the worst happens, you need an advocate
Trust in James H. Buzbee PA for all of your civil, criminal and family law needs.

Get help when your family life is uprooted by divorce

James H Buzbee PAIf you were served divorce papers, many things may be rushing through your head. The first thing you should do is call our offices to protect your children, rights and assets.

Prove you are innocent of criminal offenses with our help

If you are arrested, do not talk to the police — or anyone else, call us right away for a FREE phone consultation. You will be defended by our skilled attorney throughout your case.

You need a personal injury attorney by your side when you are injured

Planning for the future does not have to be difficult. When you are setting up a will or trust, have our attorney look it over to make sure your assets are secured. If you are in an accident of any kind, seek treatment and call us. You will need representation if you plan to seek damages for any injuries or property loss.

Wills and trusts are complicated, don’t set them up alone

Planning for the future does not have to be difficult. When you are setting up a will or trust, have our attorney look it over to make sure your assets are secured.

You need an experienced attorney

When you need a lawyer, seek one out like James H. Buzbee PA, who has nearly 40 years of experience in the legal field. Numerous attorney services are provided, including family law cases, all state court cases and defending clients for a wide variety of hearings.

Your family is important to us

In times of need, James H. Buzbee PA Law is available to take on your family law case, a specialty of ours.

Personalized legal services that match your needs

With the new family law rules, you can have us appear for just one hearing, rather than a full retainer. These limited appearances start at $450. In addition to hours Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm, we offer limited evening and weekend appointments.
You’ll receive compassionate and aggressive representation that matches your needs from James H. Buzbee. He emphasizes preserving family relationships before, during and after divorce and other proceedings. We offer expert service to help in a range of circumstances.

You want to learn your options before you or your spouse has started divorce proceedings.

You want an attorney who will work diligently toward your goals regarding child custody, child support, property division and other matters.

You are an unmarried parent, or a divorcing parent, who has questions about child custody, visitation, child support and paternity.

You are a stepparent who wants to adopt your spouse’s child or you are a couple interested in adopting a child through private adoption.

You need help from a lawyer with an enforcement action regarding child support. You are interested in an amicable divorce through mediation that puts the control in your hands, rather in the hands of a judge.

Comprehensive divorce services tailored to you

The Law Office Of James H. Buzbee handles contested and uncontested divorces, including high-net-worth divorces. During the free initial consultation, we will listen to your individual legal concerns so we can understand the best approach to offer You’ll receive help setting realistic expectations and working toward your goals in all areas.
Property division: We fight to protect your personal property, while seeking an equitable distribution of community property, including joint real estate ventures, family homes, cars, collectibles, retirement assets and investments.
Child custody and visitation: We help you obtain favorable parenting plans allowing quality time with your children.
Child support: We handle initial determinations of child support as well as enforcement of support orders.
Alimony: Although alimony is not awarded in all situations, factors that are considered include the length of the marriage, standard of living acquired during marriage, and the resources available to each party.
Relocation: Florida new and restriction relocation laws require careful planning and notice to all parents.

Specialty family services

You’ll receive a variety of family law services provided by our experienced attorney. These services are in a range of areas, including:
Domestic violence: We represent people who are seeking domestic violence injunctions — also known as restraining orders — and those who require defense of domestic violence charges, or repeat violence injunctions.
Prenuptial agreements: While this may be a difficult topic to discuss, a prenuptial agreement is often the best way to plan for the unexpected.

Don’t allow criminal charges to ruin your life

The state of Florida is very strict against certain types of crimes, including drug and sexual offenses. If you are accused of one of these crimes, call us immediately to start planning a defense.

Drug charges

Florida provides harsh penalties for marijuana possession and other drug offenses. With the threat of prison time, loss of license and mandatory minimum sentences for trafficking, you need an aggressive and experienced attorney.
You are represented by almost 40 years of experience with James H. Buzbee PA, who knows the law. If you were arrested or suspect you are under investigation, contact us immediately for the following offenses:

Possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia

Controlled substances (cocaine, heroin, meth, LSD, etc.)

“Date rape” and “club” drugs (MDMA, GHB, Ecstasy)

Sex offender defense

When accused of harming a child, you face an uphill battle against determined prosecutors and judges. To avoid prison, you will need an attorney with the ability to aggressively counter the charges.
Early intervention can positively affect your case. We take pre-filing steps to get charges dropped, alter charges so that you will not have a sexual predator designation, or avoid a felony charge or record. You can even have us deal with the media on your behalf.

  • All charges handled, even if the accuser was under your care
  • Physical abuse (battery) and aggravated child abuse
  • Emotional abuse, torture or confinement
  • Neglect or child endangerment
  • Lewd acts, improper touching, exposure
  • Child rape/child abduction
  • Sexual battery on a child
  • Sex with a minor under 16 (who cannot legally give consent)
  • Child pornography

Know what to do when you get hurt

FREE legal consultation when you are injures through no fault of your own. Receive compensation in full. Auto accidents, malpractice. Call 813-754-1575.

Auto and motorcycle accidents with injuries

By law, you are entitled to full compensation for injuries sustained as a result of the other person. To receive this compensation in full, you need to call an attorney right away — even before you call your insurance company. This way you’ll be advised by us on what to say to your insurance company and all other parties.

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of life
  • Loss of property

A common cause of injury is neglect

A business is liable if they neglect a duty, such as maintaining property, and you are injured. However, being compensated without the help of an attorney is tricky due to state laws and insurance policies.
Medical malpractice and nursing home neglect are two real issues you may face. Healthcare providers are expected to maintain a certain level of care, and if they don’t, they are liable for damages. If you face this issue, contact us so we can work on your case right away and you receive the compensation you deserve.

Secure your family’s future inheritance

You can have us take care of writing and filing your will and trust to ensure it cannot be challenged later.

Estate planning services

When you need help with estate planning and probate matters, our mission is to provide you with the most highly personalized legal service possible. You can take advantage of our will and trust law services.

  • Living wills, trusts
  • Probate
  • Creditor claims
  • Homestead petitions
  • Health care surrogate
  • Powers of attorney

Estate Planning is more than simply having a will. Get the expert advice and careful planning with nearly 40 years of experience to help protect your family, wealth and your physical assets.

  • Making your precise intentions known regarding the withholding of medical treatment in extreme cases through a living will
  • Easing the burden on your loved ones of dealing with health care providers, financial institutions and other entities if you become incapacitated
  • Making your precise intentions known regarding the disposition of your assets and personal property, including your home, investments, business, life insurance and retirement accounts
  • Avoiding having the state decide how your property will be distributed amongst your family members if you were to die without a will
  • Minimizing potential estate taxes and other fees
  • Avoiding the probate process altogether whenever possible

You need to have a living will and designated health care surrogates

Your estate plan should include the execution of a Living Will and the designation of Health Care Surrogates. You should also have a properly executed Health Care Surrogate designation in Florida.
Please allow the Law Office of James H. Buzbee to help you with these simple yet important estate planning tools. James is prepared to have the proper documents in place should they ever become necessary.

What you need to know about probate

Property owned by a person at death, which does not pass to others by designation or ownership, such as life insurance policies and payable-on-death bank accounts, may be subject to the probate process. Let us help you with the legalities of this confusing process.
Any beneficiary or creditor can initiate probate in Florida. Normally the probate process begins with the filing of the original will with the court. The courts will appoint a person who will gather the assets and bills of the deceased.

  • Any Florida resident without a felony conviction
  • A spouse or close relative who is not necessarily resident in Florida
  • A non-relative outside Florida otherwise qualified
  • A bank or trust company operating in Florida

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