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Marshall Middle School

Welcome to Marshall Middle School Guidance Office

Marshall-Middle-SchoolAs counselors, we provide a variety of services to our students, faculty and parents. Some of the services provided include: promoting a positive cooperative attitude, assisting students with their personal issues and concerns, helping students develop skills that will promote high academic achievement, career choices and appropriate social and problem solving techniques.

Our main focus is high academic expectations for all our students. Our academic model is a traditional class schedule with a rigorous curriculum designed to meet the needs of all our students.

Marshall is an Avid Demonstration School and our motto is Every Student, Every Day, College Bound.

Core Classes:

Marshall Middle School has implemented a Traditional Class Schedule Model.  This model allows students to attend four core academic classes (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies) every day for 50 minutes per class each day for the entire school year.  Core classes are offered in regular, advanced and honors levels.  Sixth grade students also have an additional core class in reading.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Students needing additional support in reading and or math will be assigned to a math or reading class.

The following high school credit courses are currently offered to our 8th grade students: Algebra 1, Algebra 1 Honors, Spanish 1, Game Simulation, Agri-Science Foundation and Introduction to Physical Science.


All students are enrolled in Physical Education and two additional electives of their choice.  Students who are in a class for additional support in math or reading will take one additional elective. Elective classes are 50 minutes each day.  Sixth grade students participate in rotating elective wheel classes during the first semester of school. The second semester they are assigned to one elective for the entire semester.

In 1920, Mr. E.J. Marshall persuaded Plant City to deed property to the school board for a facility to educate black children. Midway Academy was a three-story, red brick structure initially serving grades 1 – 8. Beginning in 1936, one grade level was added each year until all 12 grades were taught. The upper levels were referred to as Plant City Negro Junior High and High School, although most in the black community referred to all levels as Midway Academy. In 1951, the school was converted to a high school, for Edward Jackson (E.J.) Marshall, who was also the first African American to serve as a school trustee in the Plant City area. Marshall Junior High School was built on Maryland Ave. in 1957. In 1995 Marshall became a middle school. The school mascot is the dragons

Vision & Mission Statements

VISION : Marshall Middle School will provide the best education in the nation.

MISSION: Marshall Middle School will provide all students a rigorous curriculum to develop knowledge and skills necessary to reach their highest potential.


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