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The Parkesdale Farm Market

There are a great many interesting things to do and places to visit in Plant City and the areas close by, many of which orientate around the state’s vast agricultural and produce markets. The region is synonymous with strawberry growing and transport in particular so aside from the annual Florida Strawberry Festival that is held in the area there are a variety of other events and attractions that involve this particular berry such as the Parkesdale Farm Market which is popular with both tourists and locals alike since it was founded in 1956.

parkesdale-farm-marketThis is a family operated business that provides the largest supply of citrus and strawberry produce in the whole of Florida with the berry farm harvesting crops worth over 3 million dollars annually. As well as giving visitors the chance to view the fruit growing in a tropical landscape surrounded by an abundance of flourishing flora and foliage, they can also experience for themselves the unique taste of the sweetest most succulent strawberries in the land, straight from the grove. Alternatively, there is also a huge demand to try these pre-picked and prepared in a variety of popular local dishes like their delicious strawberry shortcake which is world renowned with many visitors stopping here solely to for this mouth watering treat! This is particularly popular during the winter months where visitors come from all over the United States and around the world to try this special home baked recipe. The shortbread base itself is a cross between a cake and a biscuit with just the right consistency to support the juicy berry toppings flavored with the right amount of sugar to bring out the best in the strawberries – that are picked fresh daily from the surrounding fields – finished with a large dollop of whipped cream adorning the top. Strawberry milkshakes are another favorite for both tourists and locals, with many other home baked products and condiments also available to take back with you. This is a popular venue for many local residents who also flock here to buy their own produce as the farm grows a wide variety of other fruit, vegetables and flowers too.

Barack ObamaIt is a fantastic stop off for the family if you are driving through the area and many first time visitors will make it a regular drop in point on their annual vacation to the region. There is even a play area for the children where they can take it in turn to sit in one of the giant strawberries dotted around the grounds and play king or queen of the farm for the day. Aside from the goods to buy and taste, there are educational exhibitions giving information on everything from the history of the business to gardening tips and recipes for those who want to emulate the results of the farm upon their return home. If you are blown away by the taste of this fresh produce you may even hanker for some more when you are away from the area but fortunately the farm has an online gift basket facility which consist of your own choice of fresh fruit, vegetables and other related good of your choice including jellies and condiment products that can be shipped across state for your own personal use or as a special gift for a friend or loved one.

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