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Plant City in the heart of temperate Florida at the center of Hillsborough County in the East of the state, offers a wealth of abundance with its plentiful natural resources and rich farmlands. This is the ideal location for growth and offers a great deal of land and opportunity, providing the best citrus fruits and berries in the country to a worldwide market. Driving through this agricultural landscape you will come across copious fields of produce and acres of orchards not to mention the constant stream of goods vehicles transporting these crops which are in high demand.

plantcity_historyThe city itself is situated just twenty four miles from the cosseted sea at Tampa Bay and is just ten miles west of Lakeland. It can be accessed by Interstate 4 or US Highway 92 and visitors are welcomed with open arms to the beautiful streets that are shaded by ancient oak trees and filled with charming shops and picturesque buildings, particularly in the Historic Downtown district where past meets present providing an ambiance that is as quant and as it is appealing. Some of the older buildings have been restored and transformed, successfully capturing their original beauty in fitting with modern demand. A drug store and abandoned hospital now house the idyllic Camellia Rose Tea Room while an unused railroad station is now home to the Plant City history exhibit where locals and visitors are taught about the town’s history.

It is however the vast agricultural industry that Plant City is most renowned for, with its patchwork quilt layout of field after field, filled with crops, nursery farms, pasturelands, groves of citrus fruit and row after row of berries. When it comes to the latter, the strawberry is by far the most commonly known crop associated with this area. StrawberrysMost of the strawberries grown for consumption across the U.S during the winter months originate from these farmlands – these cover over eight thousand acres – and are grown in huge quantities thanks to the fertile soil which is rich in vitamins and minerals. There is a long history of prosperity in this area for that very reason that pre-dates the Civil War, at the end of which there was an influx of people seeking opportunities to work the land and set up homesteads in the area including Henry B Plant, after whom the city was named. He foresaw a dynamic future for the land with its promise of logging, cotton, phosphate and citrus industries after land became available in 1842 when the federal government made acres available to pioneers through the Armed Occupation Act. In the early part of the 19th century, the land was wilderness territory inhabited by the native Seminole Tribe who remained there after the Spanish relinquished the state of Florida to the U.S in the early 1800’s.

The structure of this land today is supported by a wide infrastructure of transport systems with highways and railroads interlacing to convey the produce to markets around the world. Thanks to this burgeoning industry there is a high standard of living in Plant City and its labors are synonymous with quality as well as quantity.

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